Do you have a Debt Plan?

Most Canadians have debt according to the media…I suspect most don’t have any kind of plan of how to get rid of it…let’s face it, our society is designed around getting people into debt.  Very little is shared about how to get out of debt.  We want to change that!  We can build a plan for you, your friends or family that will help them see a light at the end of the tunnel.  For some it may be simple budgeting, others it may involve what we call Debt repositioning, using their hard earned home equity to help with the “heavy lifting”.  Before you point out that is not a good thing, stretching your debts over 25 years, we will show you how to repay all of your debt, including your mortgage off faster…our goal is to get you to Debt Freedom Day as soon as possible.  Watch our fun video;


Hope you like it!

Want to feel tiny?

This incredible video built from 100’s of pictures stitched together from the Hubble Space Telescope is great at letting you know just how big the galaxy is…

Wow, the new Star Wars Movie is on the way!

Mortgage Rates aren’t the only thing to consider

Many people obsess over mortgage rates, while there is much more to consider!

Spectacular view from Space

This editor took the pictures from The International Space Station and made it even more amazing!

Looking into the past…Housing Issues in Vancouver in the 60s

Interesting how the more things change, the more they stay the same…

Vancity Buzz Story

50 things to do this Fall in Vancouver…

Great list from VancityBuzz…


When Pigs surf…

This makes me laugh…enjoy!

The ins and outs of the Federal First Time Buyers Initiative

Great article from our Accounting partners at AG Tax:




My kind of symphony…




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